Say No To Halting Alzheimers Research

The Good

Professor Nutt and his research team have been looking at how Nootropics might be able to help them understand the brain better and testing these substances could pave the way to discovering cures for conditions of the mind such as Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons and a whole host of other diseases. Exciting stuff for many sufferers right?

The Bad

The bad news is that the government wants to bring in a blanket ban in April 2016 to ban legal highs. Whilst Nootroopics were never the target for the ban (it is alleged by some) unfortunately they are not exempt (unlike nicotine and alcohol) so will also be made illegal. This means medical scientists like Professor Nutt will be unable to test Nootropics to find out how they maybe able to improve the mind and provide some hope for suffers of Alzheimers and other conditions. In the past Nutt has referred to scientific censorship and also argues that this ban will “End brain research.”

The Ugly

Throughout history, government and religion have held back the progression of medical science, and now in 2016, an age of technology and science the same thing is happening again. This comes at a time when it is more and more important to find cures and treatments for these life shattering diseases. We eat produce that is shipped from overseas and out of date, food that is pumped full of chemicals that grows from our earth which is polluted and often full of radiation. Our fish and shellfish are full of mercury, our vegetables and fruit and fish are full of uranium and plutonium and much of our food (including dairy milk) is pumped full of hormones and harmful chemicals. It is no wonder that huge numbers of people are suffering with debilitating illnesses when we fill our bodies with toxins and pollutants that the government leave us with no choice but to consume.

Say No To Halting Alzheimers Research

Yet the twisted irony of this, is whilst we encouraged, forced even to consume these poisons, scientists are told that they will not be able to do imperative scientific testing to try and combat some of these progressive illnesses that are often at the hands of a western lifestyle full of stress and pollutants.  Where is the logic? The logic sank down into an abyss of despair long ago shaking it’s head in confusion.

United We Stand Strong

As a nation we should protect our rights for scientific advancement. In the future any of us might suffer from these illnesses, or even worse our loved ones may have to suffer. What will we do? Sit there and weep whilst wailing ‘If only Professor Nutt had been allowed to do his research!’ It is not the time to be complacent or stand back as we are dictated to what our scientists can and can’t do. This is the time to make a stand and support these amazing men and women who have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others.

Say No To Halting Alzheimers Research

The ban should specifically target legal highs, many of which are dangerous. It should not include Nootropics which actually improve the brains functions and protect it from damage, stress and pollutants. Nootropics by definition have no side effects and scientists SHOULD be allowed to test and research these to help them find ways to improve the health and standards of living of individuals afflicted by these diseases. We have already emerged into a dystopian society which suffers from poverty, over crowding, pollution and many other issues that effect day to day living and health. Lets not allow the government to take away our scientists rights to cure the diseases that a Western lifestyle creates in our era.

Please lend your support and sign this petition to Theresa May and oppose the blanket ban that would end all brain research! Please take a moment to share this blog. Thank you – every signature counts and together we can make a difference to the future.


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