Porn Star Critics Lash Out – Brazzers And PornHub

In this video Porn Hub and Brazzers team up to bring you Porn Stars reading insulting comments from their critics. This is quite a fun video as most of the Porn Stars don’t seem to take the comments too seriously and are mostly amused by them. Danny D shows he has a big personality and a quick witted mind when he comes back with snappy answers that cut right through the insults. Former Wall Street employee Veronica Vain takes quite a bashing, but this extraordinary young women responds with cutting remarks that show a greater intellect far beyond the juvenile comments about her work.

Eric Everhard reads the comments to him in a bemused manner with some good snappy comebacks thrown in for good measure.

I personally love this video as it shows that there is much more depth to many Porn Stars than meets the eye. Some of these individuals possess intelligence, wit and big personalities. When you work in porn you have to develop a thick skin. It is easy for the public to target you and make petty comments. Anyone in the public eye should expect to be criticised as they are in the limelight and will attract negativity and envy. Some of these guys and girls however know that your critics are often your best friends. When people just tell them they are brilliant all the time it is easy to plateau and think they have achieved enough or don’t need to act in a certain way. A critic will make you think more and also push you to achieve more whatever your chosen career, whether you be an actress, a porn star, a writer or an artist. So both fans and critics have their place and they should both be valued as powerful learning tools. I think most of these guys have got it right. Poor Abigail Mac just looks a bit confused by the comments  – bless her! Being a big star though, I doubt that these comments are going to bother her much whilst she’s packing the plastic!

Kaz B xx

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Porn Star Critics Lash Out

Kaz B

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