Top 3 Porn Genres Women Watch

These are the Top 3 Porn Genres that Women Watch according to a latest study and it may just surprise you!

On The Porn Supremacy Ana Kasparian reveals some mind blowing facts about porn viewing habits in both women and men. Buzz Feed and Porn Hub recently teamed up to study statistics of porn viewing habits of both genders and here are the results.

For women, the most popular niches were ‘Lesbian’ followed by ‘Gay’ and then astonishingly ‘Teen!’. I didn’t see that last one coming.

Many Porn Producers seem to believe that women all want arty, sensual pornography with a good storyline but the results found could not be further from the truth.


The results for men came in as ‘Milf’ ‘Mature’ and ‘teen’. You may not find it surprising that teen was high on the list, but it’s perhaps slightly more interesting that guys on the net are seeking out older ladies of experience – go Cougars!

I would suggest that the figures are not a good representation of real life when it comes to women. Why? The study take data from women who watch channels such as Porn Hub, and whilst a lot of women watch Porn nowadays, I don’t think Porn Hub would be the first port of call necessarily for a woman. Woman who do however watch Porn Hub will probably be into more extreme and explicit material, hence the statistics. This is my theory and I could well of course be wrong on this. I welcome your comments, please feel free to leave them in my comments box below.

There is a lot more the video delves into such as bondage and BBW women – I shall leave you to watch and enjoy!

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