Naked Porn Stars – Before & After Make Up

Naked Porn Stars – these bold women take snaps before and after make up!

This amazing series created by professional make up artist Melissa Murphy shows a montage of before and after photo’s of Porn Stars before and after a make over.

Some women are born very naturally beautiful, but most need to give mother nature a little helping hand to look their very best.  On any modelling shoot or film set extra make up is needed, light can create unflattering shadows and shine in the wrong places and the invention of HD quality can magnify the tiniest of flaws. Plus Porn Stars can often see late nights and partying at networking events followed by early morning shoots. When it comes to beauty, good nutrition, exercise and plenty of sleep are your best friend. But failing that – the help of an exceptionally good make up artist can turn the most tired looking or plain girl into a sexy, glamorous babe that is 100% HD ready!

The transformations that take place in this video are quite astonishing, but we shouldn’t rush to judge these ladies for not possessing bare faced beauty and glamour. They are actresses and acting is about becoming a different person, transforming, donning the sexy outfits, the make up and turning into somebody different. That is exactly what they are doing! Melissa Murphy is highly talented and I think these women are very brave to enter this project and show their before photo’s so hats off to them for that! Murphy must be inundated with work from women getting married and shooting magazine and film right now – fair play to her!

Watch the video and be stunned!

Kaz B

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