Can you give these gorgeous kittens a new home? Please help!

These fluffballs are in desperate need of a good home.

Got sent the details by my Mum so can only assume they are in Spain right now…..
Both kitties have bright blue sparkling eyes and are just nine weeks old. Their five siblings have been put to sleep as the Mum abandoned them so would be idea if they could be re-homed together.

The Mum is barely more than a kitten herself and could not feed them . If you know anyone interested it would cost about 60 euros for passport and health certificates for them . Then arrange with the man who drives them to England, not sure what he charges but all official that is his legit job if the van is full should not be to much . I would take them myself if I had the space – can anyone help these two little darlings?

PLEASE SHARE AND HELP THESE KITTIES FIND A NEW HOME WHERE THEY CAN GET THE LOVE THEY DESERVE. They have so much love to give a caring owner. Thank you so much!!!!

If you can help please e-mail me on k@kazb.co.uk or tweet me on: www.twitter.com/kazbxx xxxxx and we’ll get the ball rolling and you could be the happy owner of one or two of these adorable little snowballs!

Kaz B

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