London Party-Girls On The Turkish Riviera

London Party-Girls On The Turkish Riviera

I have just returned from a team building creativity drive in the Turkish Riviera with Premier London.  Armed with our suitcases full of teeny, tiny bikini’s, gallons of sun cream and our tablets to brainstorm ideas we set off on our amazing adventure into the unknown….!

We decided to split our trip into two and first of all made use of a base in Marmaris – a stunning luxury hotel with 3 generously sized pools, a health spa and more free bars than Oliver Reed could ever dream of! This would be our retreat to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle and recover from our adventures and team building exercises.
Our second base and home of inspiration and creativity was to be the magnificent ‘Aura’. Angelo Constantine’s luxury yacht, which would carry us on our journey of creativity and knowledge.

The first day aboard our luxury vessel was a very relaxed affair. Us ladies were highly excitable and Mr Constantine realised that to get us at our most productive for brainstorming, that a day of sun, sea and plenty of champagne would be just the ticket to prime us for honing our creative talents. We spent the day oiling each other up, comparing bikini’s and snorkelling in the deep blue green waters of the Turquoise Coast. We sailed along the coast and visited various tiny Islands, the most note-worthy being ‘Turtle Beach, a natural Conservation which is a breeding ground for the Loggerhead Caretta Turtles. It was a perfect time to visit with the hatchlings being born between August and September and was an absolute joy! We also stopped for a swim in Aquarium bay.
Finally boarding our trusty Aura once more, we discussed how The Aura would make the ultimate location for parties and revellers who love to chill and party at the same time! I won’t bore you with the boring details about the plans we set in action or give too much away, but we were very excited to be launching many new ideas!

To celebrate we cruised along the coast at sunset. The breath-taking mountains rising in the horizon. I sat back and admired the view….bouncing cleavages and pert bottoms…oh and the coastline was absolutely dazzling too! I sat and thought to myself as I sipped a glass of ice cold Veuve Clicquot – who would have thought this time last year that I would now be sat on a stunning beast of a yacht, sailed by a sexy greek with a whole bevvy of gorgeous babes, Luckily! I knew it wouldn’t be long until we were all back in London so we packed out every minute with fun games, watersports such jet skis, parasailing and Angelo Constantine also demonstrated how to fly board! Who needs nightclubs when you have a gorgeous yacht, beautiful hotel and a whole landscape to explore!

PremierEscortsUk Vacation

Premier London Escorts Vacation

Rock Band on The Turkish Riveria

In the Turkish Riveria

Soaking up the rays day 1

Kaz B by the pool

Turkish Beach Bar

Angelo Constantine on jet skis

Premier Escorts Anchored on the coast at night time

Freshly caught and roasted fish

Beautiful Turkish Water Features

PremierEscortsUK Angelo Constantine Flyboarding

Kaz B

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