Diary of an Angsty Cat

My heart in fragments, my soul ripped and torn beyond repair…the fragments dance in the breeze and are whipped beyond the veil waiting for my return, when I will finally join them and be whole again.

I have lived many lives and seen many things and now I am tired. I have witnessed a lot of pain. Seen suffering beyond belief. Deep within my unconsciousness I know the suffering spans lifetime after lifetime….sometimes it is too much for me and my legs wobble with the strain of it all.

I am not even human. The two-legs that walk around see me as either vermin and they shout and push me away…or act like I am some silly little trophy pet to pat, whilst I sit on their sofa.

I am all feline. Fur covers my entire body and I gaze up through two slit like eyes, but I know things that the two-legs can never know. I see further than their inferior human eyes. I see beyond the veil. I feel…the presence of those that have passed. I hear tinkles of laughter, snatches of music and voices…when there is none.

I, REALLY see. Not just what is in front of my eyes, but what is beyond the vision of the eye. So dont patronise me. Don’t yell at me to get out of your garden or pat me on the head.

If us cats could speak we would speak infinite wisdom. We would spread peace and enable you to make your world a Utopia. Instead, you insist on living in Hell! You hurt one another, damage each other, fight and create war torn countries, where people lay dying and often the dead are not even granted a dignified death.

The things we could teach you if we could make you see. But you are too caught up in wealth, gaining capital, taking from one another and fighting over land. The Earth is not yours to take. It is a gift to be nurtured and cherished…to feed the people, the animals. We are one. When you hurt another you hurt yourself as we are all infinitely connected.

Why can’t you see?

But I am just a humble cat and unable to open your eyes.

It is not my time to sleep yet, although my eyes feel so heavy and my heart so weary.
I will crawl under a bramble bush and reflect upon the sights I have seen throughout the millennia.

If I could speak one sentence…I would say – be loving to others and think before you speak. A word is a bird – it takes a second to whistle but cannot ever be undone.

God Bless you humans. May you evolve as we cats have done and see that there is more to this life….so much more.

Love from the Angsty Cat – Akasha.

Kaz B

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